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10DLC SMS Registration Overview

In 2021, major US mobile carriers implemented significant changes to the requirements that allow 10DLC (10-digit long codes) / local SMS to send traffic to their networks.

In an attempt to limit spam and phishing attempts through SMS/MMS, carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T have partnered with The Campaign Registry (also commonly referred to as TCR).  If registering directly with TRC provide GTE Campaign ID as provided by TCR, along with the desired display name for your campaign.

TCR is responsible for gathering information from the end users that generate B2C (business to consumer) communications from local DIDs. The goal of gathering such information is to provide a sanctioned environment for B2C communication and ensure that users are following best practices as defined by the CTIA.

As of 3/31/23, Service Providers are required to have all outbound-SMS enabled numbers registered with The Campaign Registry or through Global Telecom Exchange to remain compliant with the newest US mobile carrier 10DLC policies.

Providers that do not register their traffic ahead of the deadline may experience rejected outbound SMS traffic.

It is highly recommended to add the the TCPA language to your website that allows for customers to OPT in and Opt out from receiving SMS.  To successfully register the 10DCL process may crawl your website to verify the TCPA form exists.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t believe my company qualifies for the registration requirements. Do I still need to follow this process?

    • Mobile carriers are treating all non-mobile SMS traffic as A2P, regardless of content. As such, you will need to register your numbers to avoid the penalties associated with unregistered traffic.

  • Does Toll-Free SMS require registration through TCR?

    • Toll-Free SMS does not require registration through TCR; however, this product does have its own approval process that will need to be completed before sending outbound traffic. Please note that this is GTE's recommended method for Business to Consumer SMS communication. 

  • What will GTE be charging to register SMS?

    • Brand (End-User) Registrations will have a $6.00 one-time fee

    • Campaign (Use Case) Registrations will vary depending on which type is selected, with the most common campaign types ranging in price from $4/month to $12/month

  • My unregistered messages are experiencing delivery issues, will GTE Support be able to assist?

    • Any users experience delivery issues with unregistered traffic should register their numbers to resolve the issue. If you are still experiencing issues after registering, please contact GTE Support for further assistance. Please note that as of 3/31/23, all unregistered messages will be rejected by GTE.

  • I’m registering my campaigns directly with The Campaign Registry, how do I provide my campaign IDs to you?

    • I have DIDs activated for SMS, but they are only used to receive traffic, will I need to register them?

    • o   No, DIDs that only receive inbound SMS will not need to be registered.


  • As of 12/1/22 - T-Mobile requires the deactivation of all 10DLC numbers that do not have active messaging traffic.

  • Effective 2/1/23 – Campaigns with at least one associated A2P 10DLC number and no active messaging traffic with T-Mobile since December 1st, 2022, may be subject to a $250 monthly recurring non-use pass-through fee per Campaign starting on February 1, 2023.  

    • T-Mobile requires that A2P 10DLC Campaigns have at least one 10DLC number associated with a Campaign which has active T-Mobile messaging traffic during a rolling 60-day period. 

    • GTE recommends that brands text a T-Mobile destination at least once every 30-45 days to avoid this charge.

Registration Form

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