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Global Telecom Exchange, Voip Business Phone Solutions

Global Telecom Exchange

Global Telecom Exchange was started by Insurance Executives and Corporate Call Center Executives that were frustrated trying to find a cutting edge phone system that met their needs, understood their goals and challenges and most importantly provided excellent support with a straight forward affordable pricing model. 


What separates Global Telecom from the competition is that its active affiliate companies in multiple business sectors such as insurance, TPA's and manufacturing allows Global Telecom to experience first hand through their own portfolio of businesses the same demands as our customers. We, like you need highly reliable, innovative and easy to use systems to be competitive in today's marketplace, and that is what we deliver everyday to our customers worldwide.


Many of our innovations and systems we deliver are born out of our own necessity to excel, not out of a manual written by people who never were in your shoes in need of the perfect VOIP system.  


We offer not just a phone system, but in most cases we offer process engineering support to assist customers create and streamline an intelligent call routing and CMS integration platform with a robust API development team supporting them along the way.


We at Global Telecom understand your business and our your partner helping you stay ahead of your competition when in comes to state of the art technology.but behind your competition when it comes to the cost associated with being the best!