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Softphones are an industry standard

at this point—but let us WOW you

with how advanced ours really is

Softphones in more detail

the most convenient way to call

The Softphone is a digital interface designed to be a smartphone and office phone combined—except unlike a mobile or desktop app, it can be used on a variety of devices all at once. With its stylish Heads Up Display (HUD), the Softphone can be integrated with a traditional IP phone and a mobile phone simultaneously with its Follow Me features, allowing for maximum flexibility. It has everything from your list of contacts to the ability to hold, transfer and record calls for quality assurance. Better yet, it even works with the internal speakers of any device and is compatible with any USB headset!

Why choose between a desk phone or a Softphone?

With Global Telecom you can use the Desk Phone and Softphone features (along with our mobile app) all in one place!

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